Politxt offers the most affordable turnkey professional texting and data services for campaigns and government entities in the United States. Our Associates have significant campaign and government experience, and can successfully assist you develop and execute your communication strategies for outreach to voters, constituents, and donors. When budgets and outcomes matter, Politxt delivers.


Politxt offers Professional Texting services for companies, organizations and government entities in the United States. Politxt offers services to politicians, businesses, government officials (federal, state, & local levels), elected officials, candidates, and more in all 50 states including New York (Albany, NYC), New Jersey (Trenton), Florida (Miami), Washington, D.C., Alabama, Delaware, Colorado (Vail and Breckenridge), California (Los Angeles and Palm Springs), North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Ohio, Vermont, Mississippi, Arkansas, Utah, Georgia, Maryland, Oklahoma, Texas, and more.

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