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Personalized Texting.

We offer incumbents and insurgents with the most competitively-priced texting platform – Politxt, a low-cost turnkey solution for your communication needs. Simply put, we do the texting for you.

Customized Data.

We provide customized data, including contact information, gender, age, voter and political contribution history, and over 200 other key data points to allow you to target your audience with highly relevant and tailored messages.

You can use the data for Politxt's text messaging, or for whatever other purpose you need it for - like building your voter lists and identifying potential fundraising donors.

Wholesale Automated Calls and Texting.

Through our wholesale affiliates, we provide the most affordable pricing for automated calls for your pre-recorded messages, up to 35 second in length. We also provide discounted rates for other texting platforms where you do the texting instead of Politxt.

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