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What is Politxt?

A discounted, professional text and data service for sending personalized messages to voters or constituents. No volunteer or staff time needed

Why use Politxt?

The most cost effective and efficient way to get out your message is to reach people on the device they use the most – their cell phone. Readership rates for texting is over 90%, significantly higher than e-mail readership rates and phone call answer rates.

How is Politxt better than other peer-to-peer texting platforms?

We found that volunteers and staff are too busy or bored to send out thousands of text messages. Instead, Politxt’s U.S.-based team has the capacity to do the same, and for the lowest cost available. If you’d still rather to do the texting yourself, we can also provide discounted rates to those other texting platforms.

How does it work? 

Politxt will work with your staff to craft a message that will yield the most measurable impact to the voter. We can micro-target voters based on their age, voting history, gender and interests, and any other key data point you want to target. The text message is delivered from a local number, and the message copy will be first approved before being delivered to voters.

Can we respond?

Statistically, only 8% of people respond to a text message, and generally only to opt-out of receiving future texts. We provide the responses so your team can respond directly to all text message replies. We can also allow you to send a text to any response through a dedicated log-in, but that is generally at a higher cost.

Is it legal?

Yes. Politxt manually texts voters, and does not “auto-dial” lists of cell phone numbers.  The FCC states that “manually placed text messages are permissible” under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (FCC Enforcement Advisory No. 2014-04). Text messages are permissible for “political purposes and noncommercial purposes,” such as reminding voters to vote on Election Day (2012 FCC TCPA Order at PP28).

What type of feedback can I expect?

Politech team provides best-in-class granular reports on how your Politxt campaign is performing, including readership rates, voter text responses, in addition to video views and click-through- rates if your text includes a link to a website or video.

How do I get the voter contact data?

Polixt will analyze your contact database for textable cell phone numbers, and can provide the contact information for your voters and constituents that you don’t have. You own the data, which can be refreshed for address and registration changes, and other voter detail changes.

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